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All Available Floorplans:

2021 Coachman Catalina Summit Series

Floorplans, including bunkhouses, ranging from 16-21'. These units are small and lightweight with a variety of floorplans.

2021 Catalina Legacy Series

Floorplans, including bunkhouses, ranging from 24-34'. These trailers have more upgrades and more luxury brand features, such as fireplaces and outdoor kitchens.

2021 Catalina Expedition Series

Several 19' floorplans that are designed for "off the grid" adventure camping, with solar benefits, 12V features, rugged tires and suspension. 

2021 Coachmen Clipper

These small and light-weight trailers range in size from 14'-28', perfect for those looking for a small and lightweight trailer but don't want to compromise on space and floorplan options.